New Album … Tequila Amnesia


Tequila Amnesia is Allan Caswell’s 20th album in a recording career that started in 1979. This year he won his 8th Golden Guitar … 40 years after his first one in 1980. Caswell is Australia’s most recorded songwriter in any genre and the hallmark of his albums has always been the quality of the songs.

“If you ask any artist, what their best album is, they’ll nearly always tell you it’s their latest one … all I know is, this is the best bunch of songs I have ever put on one album.”

Tequila Amnesia is a real collaboration with producer Damian Cafarella, who also produced the very successful Mexico album

“Caf not only produced the album but also recorded a duet with me, played all the instruments and cowrote 3 of the songs … in fact the only person on the album apart from Caf and I is the lovely Donna Fisk who sings “I Do” with me … Donna and I have been friends for years and really enjoyed the chance to finally record together”

Caswell wrote I Do with The Viper Creek Band’s Damien Baguely. Other songwriters Caswell wrote with on Tequila Amnesia include 8 Ball Aitken on the quirky hit lead-off single “Hard Times and Struggle” and long-time favourite cowriters Drew McAlister, Michael Carpenter, Michael Waugh and Doug Ashdown.

Tequila Amnesia is uncompromisingly country and pushes every emotional button. The 12 finely crafted tracks show why Caswell has been so relevant for so long in Australian Country Music.

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