It’s a Country Song



$30 (+ $5 postage)
2 album deal $50 (+ $5 Postage)

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It's a Country Song

Release Date: 2012
Label: Shoestring Records

1.      It’s A Country Song
2.      The Next Thing That You Hear
3.      Clyde
4.      Kick The Bucket
5.      Love In A Minor Key
6.      You Can’t Get Good Help These Days
7.      Curl Up And Die
8.      He’s Taking Candy From My Baby
9.      Everything That’s Good
10.   Nine Tattoos
11.   Guess This Is How Lonely Must Feel
12.   Billy Joel Song
13.   Brave Enough To Dream
14.   I Drink Therefore I Am
15.   Some Days I Wake Up Angry

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