Looking back, it might have been easier to let Sony screw me and crawl back into their corporate slime with smiles on their little corporate faces … but I couldn’t then and I can’t now.

No one at Sony ATV has ever said that Alabama didn’t use the tune of “On The Inside” for their song “Christmas In Dixie” … how could they … their own musicologist said they did.

That they chose to back Alabama a

gainst me is their business … but there is a cost attached to infringing copyright law that they have to pay. They ought to know … they are part of a corporation, which is suing people all over the world for perceived copyright infringement. It might not be hypocrisy but it sure smells like it.

If I fight them and lose it sends a message to all songwriters that they can’t trust their publishers. If I win … and I will … it sends a message to publishers to treat their writers fairly.

I am not the only writer who will be pushed so hard that he has no choice but to fight back.

I am fighting this battle for me not for my fellow writers … but if I lose you lose.

When I think of the thousands of dollars they are throwing at the case to break me financially, I can’t help but think it might have been better for them to act like gentlemen at the start … we might have fixed the problem by now.

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